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"Brest" FEZ today

The best prove of the efficiency of the Brest FEZ is the dynamics of its development.78 companies from 15 countries are registered in the Brest FEZ, 

1.3  mlrd. USD  of investments have been already in work here. The major investor countries are Russia, Germany, Poland.

 The high result of the FEZ residents work is proved by their annually rising economic activity indicators. For example, in 2016 the total volume of production output reached 1.6 mlrd. BYR that is corresponding to 0.8 mlrd. USD. At the same time the products originating from the Brest FEZ are of high quality, modern and competitive.


Being export-oriented, the Brest FEZ plays a key role in the growth of export potential of the Brest region. In 2016 the export volume reached above 500 mln. USD . The export geography counts 65 countries.


 At present, the Brest FEZ is one of the main "employers" in the Brest region. About  21 thousand employees work at the zone enterprises.




The following well-known in the Republic of Belarus and abroad enterprises may serve the visiting card of the Brest FEZ: