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Management / administration

Brest FEZ Administration

All the questions concerning what the Free Economic Zone is, what its operation conditions are, who shall be a FEZ resident, as well as, where and how the registration of FEZ residents is carried out. All these questions will be answered at the Brest FEZ Administration, the basic coordination and registration body of the FEZ.


The Brest FEZ Administration functions are:

- to provide assistance to and to consult the enterprises registered as the Brest FEZ residents during the period of their establishment and the period of their business activity;

 - to consider and appraise investment projects of home and foreign investors and to take concrete decision on their implementation;

 - to execute state registration of all economic entities in the FEZ and their registration as residents of the Brest FEZ;

 - to conclude with the Brest FEZ residents contracts on the terms of operation in the Brest FEZ;

 - to provide land lots for lease and to assist in the choice and giving into lease vacant production areas;

 - to co-ordinate with the regional and Republican state structures the placement of the suggested investment projects on the Brest FEZ territory;

 - to represent interests of the Brest FEZ residents in relations with the Republican bodies of state management and bodies of local management and self-government;

 - to organize and to hold the events (business meetings, co-operation burses, conferences and etcetera), aiming to support the favorable investment image of the Brest FEZ and its residents.


 The Brest FEZ Administration staff is completed with experienced experts in foreign economic relations, economics, finances, law and regional development. Every investor is treated individually; he is practically and professionally assisted in settling questions concerning the registration procedure, placement and work of new enterprises.


Structure of the Brest FEZ Administration

Chief Executive Officer 

Kolonchuk Fedor Fedorovich

 tel. +375 (162) 22-16-07 
 Assistant  Rusetsky Viktor Eduardovich  tel. +375 (162) 22-16-04

Deputy Chief

(foreign economic co-operation) 

 Chwaljuk Oleg



tel. +375 (162) 20-83-34

Deputy Chief
(territorial development matters) 
 Shukaila Aliaksandr


 tel. +375 (162) 22-16-05