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A business visit of the Administration of “Brest” Free Economic Zone to Germany and Switzerland was held on October 23-27. The purpose of the visit was to make a presentation at the Chamber of Commerce of Weingarten (sister city of Brest) and to find new partners for establishing cooperation in Bavaria (Munich), Baden-Württemberg (Karlsruhe and Stuttgart) and the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.



The visit resulted in the agreement on holding joint events in 2018 with the city administration of Karlsruhe, the international economic cooperation societies Baden-Württemberg International GmbH and Bavaria International GmbH.



The agreement of cooperation between the FEZ "Brest" and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thurgau was signed on October 26, 2017. The meeting was held at the headquarters of the manufacturing company "Neuweiler AG" in Kreuzlingen.



The document was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Administration of the "Brest" FEZ Fedor Kolonchuk and the president of CCI Turgau, Christian Neuweiler. Thurgau CCI is one of the 18 operating in Switzerland Chambers of Commerce and Industry, uniting more than 650 industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as companies engaged in services registered in the canton of Thurgau. Among them there is such an industrial giant as "Stadler Rail".



The signing of the agreement was the result of negotiation with representatives of the Thurgau Chamber of Commerce and Industry, initiated by the Administration of “Brest” FEZ with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Switzerland.

In the context of the negotiation, the Belarusian delegation held a presentation of the investment potential of the Free Economic Zone and the city of Brest and got acquainted with the potential for the development of business connections of the canton of Thurgau.

During the meeting was reached an agreement to hold a large-scale presentation of the “Brest” FEZ and the Brest region in Eastern Switzerland in 2018. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of this region intends to participate in the event.