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Brest city

Brest is still called "The western gates of the CIS" or "The eastern gates of EU". It is not only a literary metaphor. The border line with the European Union runs within the city area, and there is no customs boundary with Russia. Further to east stretch ten time zones and about 9 thousand kilometers. This space is open for unimpeded cargos shift if they are manufactured within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.


 The city enjoys all the facilities of being a modern transit hub as it is located at a crossroads of two international transport corridors on the Belarusian-Polish state border. The most important of them is the transport corridor E-30 Berlin-Warsaw-Brest-Minsk-Moscow, linking Western Europe with Russia and the Far East, and crossing the Belarusian-Polish border line in Brest.


 Distances from Brest to:

 Warsaw - 220 km.                 Berlin - 800 km.

 Minsk - 350 km.                     Vilnius - 380 km.

 Kiev - 575 km.                       Vienna - 1015 km.

 Moscow - 1050 km.                Kopenhagen -1200 km.