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A resident of the Brest FEZ shall be a legal entity regardless of its pattern of ownership, registered in accordance with the current  legislation. The founders of the enterprise-resident may be national or foreign legal entities or private businessmen.


 The main criteria required of the investment projects are as the following:

  •  the declared volume of investment for the implementation of an investment project submitted by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur should be an amount equivalent to not less than 1 mln euro;
  •  the share of goods (works, services) of own manufacture being sold outside the territory of the Republic of Belarus, or import-substituting goods as well as goods being sold to other FEZ residents should be not less than 50 % of the total amount of manufactured goods.


Set of Documents for Registration


1. List of Documents Required for Registration of an Economic Society

 as a Brest FEZ Resident


2. List of Documents Required for Registration of a Unitary Enterprise

 as a Brest FEZ Resident


3. Standard(model) structure of a  business plan of  capital investment projects, developed in purpose of registration as  residents of  the FEZ «BREST».